Openhab2 on Ubuntu 20.4

I must be a masochist. After running openhab2 on a Raspberry Pi3 for the past 6+ months I have decided to try openhab on Ubuntu Linux 20.4 on a spare Intel NUC that I happened to have.
I installed openhab from the Ubuntu apps and it is working. As the UIs are all showing I presume the config file has been created and there is no need to follow this step in the openhab installation docs. However, when I enter sudo openhabian-config I get “command not found” error. Is there something else I have to install or configure as well as the Ubuntu package?

as on your raspberry you probably did an openHABian image install. For Ubuntu it needs to be installed separately to your direct openHAB2 installation.

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What needs to be installed after my direct openHAB2 installation?

Did you click the link above?

That is because you installed openHAB not openHABian. @Hans_Lree is correct. We can show you where the documentation is located but cannot force you to read it or follow its instructi0ons.

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I read the documentation before starting. There is nothing to say that openhab and openhabian were two different things. I thought the Ubuntu openHAB package would have been the same thing as the manual install shown in the documentation but obviously it isn’t.
I have now done everything in the linux installation docs and it is working. Perhaps I should have uninstalled the openhab packabe first but I guess the manual install just overwrites everything installed by the package plus more.
Thanks for your help.

It most certainly is the same. Look here.

It even starts with an explanation of 3 ways to install openHAB.

openHAB 2 can be installed through

  • the openHABian project (easiest method, ships with the openHABian configuration tool)
  • a package repository (apt, yum)
  • manually from file

EDIT: there is actually a fourth method - Using a Docker container.

And a fifth method. In Ubuntu open Ubuntu Software, search for openhab. The result brings up openhab server and three zmarthab options. Click on openhab server and it installs. This is what I did but it doesn’t install everything. Not recommended.

At first I didn’t realise there were two documents openhabian and openhab on linux.

The difference between openHAB and openHABian is the crucial point here. While not everybody’s cup of tea, I would reccomend reding the full openHABian page for a better understanding, as it not only involves the included openHAB install, but the Java installation, numerous extra and optional tools etc. which we don’t know if and how you did them along with your separate openHAB installation.

Thanks Hans and Bruce.
I hope this thread is a help to anyone setting up openhab on Ubuntu in the future.
My recommendation is to follow the openhabian documentation.

That is not an official OpenHAB software repo. They actually deploy to Docker Hub though.

That‘s not completely correct. If you browse our repos, you will find the openHAB-snap repo which included the package for Ubuntu.


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