openHab2, openhab Designer, Homematic ==> where to start?

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I have installed Oh2 on a rPi 2. I have successfully added a HM-CFG-USB stick as a Homematic bridge. No I got a bit lost in documentation. When I open the config folder in openhab Designer I don’t have any cfg files (I read something about autodiscovery saves new things etc. in a database?). In addition on the paper UI my HM-CC-RT-DN devices are shown as things but there are no “switches” etc. to changes them or an actual temperature? In contrast a HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU devices shows the current temperature and humidity and in addition it is automatically added to the control side of the paper UI.
Can anyone tell me if the HM-CC-RT-DN devices are binded correctly? In addition any hint how to get the config files for the automatically discovered devices into the openhab designer would be great!

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Automatic discovery only gets you as far as Things. If you are using PaperUI in Simple mode it will automatically create Items for you but based on problems I’ve seen I don’t recommend that approach.

The general flow is:

  • Things represent a device
  • Channels represent a single way to control or piece of information one can receive on that device
  • Items map to Channels and are how OH represents that control point or piece of information in OH

Rules, sitemaps, persistence, et. al. all only work on Items.

I believe you can create Items through PaperUI, I know you can through Habmin, but I recommend and most people create a .items file and hand code the Items.

There is nothing right now that will automatically create .items, .persist, .rules, .things, and .sitemap files. You must create them and populate them yourself. Anything you do through PaperUI (and I think Habdroid too) bypasses the text files entirely and those cannot be edited using Designer.

You can create new files in Designer by selecting the folder you want (e.g. Items) and pressing <ctrl>-n. See the OH 2 docs and OH 1 wiki for details on syntax for each of these files.


that’s good to know. It’s a bit confusing as the UI creates the things but I will have a look at the documentation for the file creation later.

Thanks for your answer!


Hey Torben,
I can give more details later, I’m in a hurry right now. I believe you will make progress by looking at my working homematic setup:
This configuration is completely unrelated to the PaperUI, a decision I would recommend to you as well. Check out the homematic thing, the homematic items, my sitemap and the “wohnungstuer” rule to get a better understanding of what you should do. Good luck and let me know of any questions you have!

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Hi Thomas,

thanks for this setup. This isa really great help. Now I see how to configure the system. Just started to replace the autogenerated stuff and to write it myself but I think this will take some time but at least some temperatures are now shown :slight_smile:

Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe,