Openhab2 - orangepiPC3 - Ubuntu

I’m completely new with this stuff.
I installed openhab2 on a Orangepi PC2 running Ubuntu as described in the tutorial.

The server is running, but I cannot start the server with the ‘’ file, only from the terminal with the instruction : sudo su -s/bin/bash -C’/openhab2/’ openhab.

I was trying to run the demo, but all the files and also the directory openhab are write protected. How can I change this so that I can modify the addons.cfg to run the demo ?

Did you apt-get install? If so then, assuming Ubuntu 16.04, you control the service using systemctl start/stop/restart/status openhab2.

Since you have run it as root, you might need to change the ownership of files in /var/lib/openhab so they are owned by openhab. The files in /etc/openhab also need to be readable by the openhab user.

I changed the ownership of the openhab directory.
Now I start the server in terminal with ./

When I run the server doesn’t start. Don’t know if this is normal.

My excuses for the troubles, but as newbie I make progress step by step.
Now I’m trying to run my system that I had made in OH 1.8.3. Let’s hope I don’t need to disturb the community to much.