Openhab2 – Paper – Rfxcom – Dooya Blind motor DM25LE Tutorial

I have struggled a bit to get my Dooya Blind motors to work with Openhab2 so I thought I should put together a small tutorial to show how it is done. Most of the information below is gathered from the forum, so thanks to everyone that have contributed. I have tested this setup with the Dooya DM25LE battery powered blind motor, and another Dooya battery powered motor I don’t know the model number of, as it came assembled in the blind. I don’t know if this will work for every model they make, but it worked for the two I have.

Step1 - Mate Rfxcom as a remote.

Use Type: T6 DC106,RFM,Yooda,Dooya,ESMO,Brel
Id: 01 01 01 1 (I have only managed to mate using this id, others might work)
Set unit code: 2 (in this example I’m using 2, but you can use what you want)

To mate the remote, press the button on the motor until it moves a small step up and down, then Transmit Command Confirm, the motor will move, then Transmit command Confirm once more, the motor will move again, and last transmit up or down, and the motor will beep 6 times.

Step2 - Convert the id and unit codes to decimal

Combine id1id2id3 and convert it to decimal, in this case 010101 using The id1id2id3 hex = 010101 = Decimal value 65793

Combine id4 and unit number,1 and 2 to hexadecimal 12, use the table at to convert this into decimal, in this case 18.

Step 3 – Add the blind as a thing in OpenHab2 using Paper.

Press the + button to add a new thing, choose the Rfxcom binding, then add manually and choose the RFXCOM Blinds1 Actuator. Select your Rfxcom as the bridge.
Set the Sub Type to DC106/Rohrmotor24-RMF/Yooda

Under Configuration Parameters use the decimal value from the combined id1id2id3 as Sensor Id, and the combined id4 and unit decimal as unit code.

In this example 65793.18


Hi there,

I was unable to get this to work with a Dooya DT82TV Curtain motor, however, an alternative method did work.

Step 1 - As above - I used the same config in RFXmgr for ease :slight_smile:

Step 2 - Don’t convert, look at the output from RFXmgr:

Packettype    = BLINDS1
subtype       = DC106
Sequence nbr  = 11
id1-4         = 0101011 decimal:1052689
Unit          = 2
Command       = Stop
Signal level  = 0  -120dBm

Step 3 - use the Decimal value and unit code as is - in this example - 1052689.2


I hope there is a other way to control dooya. With a CUL or a SignalDuino.

in FHEM it works with a SignalDuino.

Hi, i use Dooya motors in my Roller shutters.
To control it i use RFLink firmware and serial binding.
My Dooya motor in RFLink discovered as BrelMotor.

Rollershutter	Roll_Room1	"Window"	<blinds>	(gRolls)	{ serial="/dev/serial/by-id/usb-1a86_USB2.0-Serial-if00-port0@57600,REGEX(Position:([0-9.]*)),UP(10;BrelMotor;34327f;12;UP;\n),DOWN(10;BrelMotor;34327f;12;DOWN;\n),STOP(10;BrelMotor;34327f;12;STOP;\n)" }