OpenHab2 remote access not connecting

Hi Guys. I have an openhab2 setup on a raspberry pi and it works great, apart from the fact I cannot connect remotely using the Home app (which is what I was told to install in order to get some ‘bridge’ working with siri and alexa).

I can connect fine over a wifi connection, but not when using mobile data.

It’s worth mentioning that the official OpenHab app connects correctly, but (no offense) I like the Home GUI better and it provides siri integration.

Do I have to do something special to get the home app working from a remote location?

On a separate note, does the openhab app fallback to the remote address when the local address fails? I mean, lets assume I am on my works or my friends wifi, would I still be able to control my devices remotely?

Thanks for your time.

You have to enter the url for, copy and paste it. Enter your myopenhab email address, and password. First have to install the cloud connector and select the items u want to use.

Must be on local (with the oh server) network, anywhere else is remote, even on
wifi. Also, i had to restart my server to get it to connect the first time.

I have the cloud connector installed, and the homekit integration.

Remotely connecting via shows as ‘Online’ and I can control my devices through this web interface.

I just can’t get the Home app to connect.

If I am on my own wifi, everything works as it should.

Fore apple home to work you need to install the HomeKit binding and follow the directions found at

Note that this does use nor require the cloud connector binding nor

Already installed.

Just an update, in case this gets landed on in a search.

It would appear that the Homekit addon only works with local connections.

I assumed the bridge would bind with the cloud and allow remote connections, according to various apple posts, you need an apple tv or an idevice running ios10 to act as a hub in order to have remote access to the bridge (the device would actually be the local bridge).

Maybe something will change in the near future, I was quite looking forward to telling siri to ‘turn on my lights’ or ‘turn the heating on’ during the drive home.

It makes sense actually, since the homekit binding settings had no cloud credentials and no remote URL.

Time to save up for an iPad.

I have i pad what shuld i do?
configre Homekit with Ipad and it will be the Hub?

edit: in the ipad just go to homekit in settings app and enable ipad as Hub :slight_smile:

working great!