Openhab2 security

Hi all
Is it possible to secure access to openhab 2 using username and password like in openhab 1.8.x?
Or is any other way to secure openhab 2 ?

Hey Tomek,
while not directly build in yet, two solutions are common around here.

  1. Use my.openhab which brings authentication by itself
  2. Use an nginx proxy with basic authentication activated Sadly there is no ready to use tutorial available yet but you can start here and continue with this:

Thx very mutch for your help
I will try second options

Pay attention to this issue:

@Benjy offered to write up a tutorial on it. Maybe the two of you should talk :wink:

I should have a tutorial setup by the weekend, I’ve practically finished typing it up, I just want to test on a new system to validate the steps I am suggesting.

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Hi All
Glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Actually there is one in the docs:

I don’t know how thorough it is, I’ve gone the my.openhab route so far, but will be using nginx is going to be one of my next projects because I have more than just openHAB I’d like to expose and control (gogs, server, zoneminder, Plex, etc).

I’ve linked it further up. It does however not address all details. hence “no ready to use”. However as Benjy stated, he will update the article this weekend.

I’ve just finished this but you can view the forum version of the tutorial here. Read up to the end of the authentication section. Hope it helps!