Openhab2 send some KNX counter order to my rollershutters :)

Hi everybody,

just migrated to openhab2 with knx binding with myopenhab account.

Just after migrating to openhab2, one of our switch (manual, not related to openhab), closing all rollershutters, was not working any more … So when i push on the down arrow of the switch, nothing happen … When i shut down openhab2 service it works fine …

Looking to ETS monitor group, i see that an address 1.0.59 (not present in my ETS file, so i guess this is openhab2) send the down order to my group address just after the down order has been sent by my switch. So nothing happens since it is like i would push 2 times fastly on my switch.

Here is my item config file (problematic address is vr_all):
Switch lumiere_salle_a_manger { knx=“0/0/1+<0/0/13” }
Switch lumiere_cuisine { knx=“0/0/2+<0/0/14” }
Switch lumiere_hall { knx=“0/0/3+<0/0/15” }
Switch lumiere_toilettes { knx=“0/0/4+<0/0/16” }
Switch lumiere_sdb { knx=“0/0/5+<0/0/16” }
Switch lumiere_bureau { knx=“0/0/6+<0/0/18” }
Switch lumiere_chambre_amis { knx=“0/0/7+<0/0/19” }
Switch lumiere_notre_chambre { knx=“0/0/8+<0/0/20” }
Switch lumiere_couloir { knx=“0/0/9+<0/0/21” }
Switch lumiere_salon { knx=“0/0/10+<0/0/12” }
Switch lumiere_notre_chambre_lit_gauche { knx=“0/0/23+<0/0/25” }
Switch lumiere_notre_chambre_lit_droite { knx=“0/0/24+<0/0/26” }
Rollershutter vr_notre_chambre { knx=“1/0/0+<1/0/7” }
Rollershutter vr_chambre_amis { knx=“1/0/11+<1/0/12” }
Rollershutter vr_cuisine { knx=“1/0/1+<1/0/4” }
Rollershutter vr_salle_a_manger { knx=“1/0/2+<1/0/8” }
Rollershutter vr_salon { knx=“1/0/3+<1/0/9” }
Rollershutter vr_bureau { knx=“1/0/5+<1/0/10” }
Rollershutter vr_all { knx=“1/0/6” }

/* Indoor Temperatures */
Number temp_hall "Temperature [%.1f °C]" <temperature> { knx="2/0/2+<9.001:2/0/0" }

Thanks for your help !

Just a heads up, had this phenomenon when i had 2 KNX Routing devices (inadvertedly) running at the same time on my network. One was my aged eibd, the other one was the knxd on my RPi3 with openhabian… I could see that the routing counters went down from 6 to 0 on every “short move” command for my blinds, but the “move to endposition” and "move to certain angle still worked.
Shut down knxd (or eibd for that matter), and things spun into gear again.

Hi Alexander,

thanks for replying. I only have one router running at the same time and this is openhab 2
(openhab is well shut down). When i stop openhab 2 and start openhab 1, it works fine.

KNX address emitting stop orders is different each time so i guess this is a dynamic address related to openhab 2. Do you think openhab cloud may generate this ?


What do you see in the events and the openhab logfile when pushing this “closing-all-rollershutters-button”?

Here is what i see when i push on my button :
2017-06-19 21:25:27.367 [ItemCommandEvent ] - Item ‘vr_all’ received command DOWN
2017-06-19 21:25:27.372 [ItemStateChangedEvent ] - vr_all changed from NULL to 100

OH(1 or 2) is per se no KNX Router (or tunnel device), so how do you connect to your KNX installation? Is there a hardware router or tunnel device? Maybe knxd and/or eibd?
However, since this issue on the knx binding is still open, you should check that you have the ignorelocalevents set to true in your knx.cfg. From my understanding, it would repeat received telegrams on the KNX bus too.
Bonne chance!

indeed it looks like this is the bug i’m facing. i set up knx addr manually and saw that it is my openhab server
which is sending messages following the “true” ones.

Workaround is not working for me, i guess i will wait for knx 2 binding :slight_smile: Do you know if i can test it easily and if it is stable ?


I have to admin, i haven’t read all the way through the lengthy discussions on the KNX2 binding, but from what i understand, it’s still work in progress.

I’m on openHAB 2.1.0~20170610104203-1 (Build #945) (and the latest KNX binding that comes with it, 1.10.0.SNAPSHOT) and my knx.cfg looks like this:


And in knxtool vbusmonitor1 i can see that openHAB does in fact repeat some write telegrams on the bus, but it does not disturb operations so far.
As far as i can see, it does not repeat telegrams to my rollershutters, but it does repeat telegrams to a light actor channel for example.
I too am waiting for KNX2, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen any time soon (no complaints though, knx1 works fine for me for now).


Can you please show us the knx.cfg file and also the interface you are using for the KNX bus connection?
It would be of great help towards understanding your problem.

Best regards,



thanks for your help :slight_smile: Here is my knx file.

pi@raspberrypi:/etc/openhab2 $ cat services/knx.cfg | grep -v ^#