Openhab2 setup from scratch to see how things go

Ok since I have ALOT of free time (and i am broke right now) i thought i would start playing around with openhab since I would like to implement it(when i am not broke)
A little about me. I am in my fifties(yes i know thats OLD) i have been in the IT world for 25+ years, mostly tech consulting. So I am not a noob, just someone who has forgot alot since i had to call it quits from the IT world.
I am ruuning openhab2 on a windows 10 pc

Sorry this is long, I just hoped it might help someone out.

what i have done

extracted newest openhab-online_2.0.0snapshot 0.1.2.jar to c:\openhab
edited conf/services/addons.cfg changed packages =demo to =standard

ran startup_debug.bat

let it do its setup then went to firefox and see if its ruuning,
it was. there was basic/classsic/paper ui’s and rest api showing up

did a shutdown to check logs

found this error. 2016-03-27 00:11:17.232 [ERROR] [ ] - Component descriptor entry ‘OSGI-INF/*.xml’ not found


[org.eclipse.smarthome.core.transform] - [org.eclipse.smarthome.action.transformation.action(76)] Circular reference detected, getService returning null

restarted server

went in to paper ui and added ntp and yahoo weather bindings from extensions bindings

setup ntp binding to and timezone to america/calgary

setup world id to 8621(looked it up at yahoo) in yahooo weather binding

checked bindings in paperui ntp online. yahoo offline

shutdown and check logs

errors from before still there also new error

[oweather.handler.YahooWeatherHandler] - Error accessing Yahoo weather: Server returned HTTP response code: 401 for URL:

Ok I am calling it quits for tonight. Been at it for 7+ hours today. Not just this, I played with the demo alot.

Have a good one.

Could be a bug in the latest snapshot …

The good news is, the three bugs you reported are known, don’t seem to affect operation of openHAB2 other than the Yahoo one, and are in the process of being fixed. The Yahoo weather one has a change that was worked on since the last snapshot build. If the next build is green, it should be available in the new snapshot in about 12 hours.

It sounds like you are on a good path.

Hey Sihui, yeah as soon as i posted my msg I went and read the forums again. Found the other msg, did a head slap and was going to edit my msg but was to tired. Oh well at least someone knows its there.

Hey Jim, thanks for letting me know they are known bugs. I should have checked before I made my msg. Just was tired and got lazy.

Why do you say “I’m OLD” when you’re in your 50-ies? You’re just as old as you feel yourself. The fact you’re spending time on new technologies (what openHAB really is, it’s only a couple of years old) shows that you have a much younger mind and that’s what counts… :slight_smile:
Don’t know if you do some automation yourself, but if you do, you’ll feel the fun you will have with openHAB in combination with your sensing devices…

Thanks Geert, sometime I do feel young of mind but then my body reminds me not to get ahead of myself.

I do plan on setting some automation up here at my place and I have been talking to a farmer friend of mine and suggesting things that can be automated on his farm. The potential of openhab is quite amazing.