OpenHAB2 weather binding minimum temperatures way out

Greetings all,

I have the weather binding installed and it’s pulling data. The current temperature has been very accurate, as is the maximum temperatures. But look at the minimums!

According to BBC weather it’s not so extreme:

My GPS coordinates are definitely pointing to the right place as per the weather station:

My weather.cfg:


My .items:

Number		Temp_Min0			"Temperature min 0 [%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=0, type=temperature, property=min"}
Number		Temp_Max0			"Temperature max 0[%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=0, type=temperature, property=max"}
Number		Temp_Min1			"Temperature min 1[%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=min"}
Number		Temp_Max1			"Temperature max 1[%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=1, type=temperature, property=max"}
Number		Temp_Min2			"Temperature min 2[%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=2, type=temperature, property=min"}
Number		Temp_Max2			"Temperature max 2[%.0f °C]"				(gWeather)		{weather="locationId=Luxembourg, forecast=2, type=temperature, property=max"}

Would anyone have an idea why the minimum temperatures are so far off?

Changing to weather underground gave better results as below. I guess there is something wrong with the OpenWeatherMap support.

The station ID is now populated too which it wasn’t with Opoenweathermap:

The binding is displaying the correct temperatures it is receiving from OpenWeatherMap. Go to their website to check their forcast for today.

You’re right. I sure hope they’re wrong :grin:

So the binding is fine indeed, it’s just a question of going with a provider who’s forecasts seem more accurate