Openhab2 with Samsung TV

I have installed Samsung Tv binding with Openhab2 paper ui. The Binding Installed Successfully and the Samsung TV is Showing Online. No Channel is working(i.e Volume, Mute,Power etc.)

I won’t be able to help much in general with this binding. But I do know people who can will need A LOT more information.

  • what version of OH?
  • how did you install it?
  • what operating system?
  • errors in the log?
  • how did you define your Items?
  • how are you trying to control the Channels?

My guess is you have a newer TV, this binding only works with older devices. To make this work with newer devices I use samsungctl script and ether-wake.

rule "Samsung TV Power Toogle"
  Item TV_Main_Basement_Power received command
  if (receivedCommand == OFF) executeCommandLine("/usr/bin/samsungctl --host --method websocket KEY_POWER")
  if (receivedCommand == ON) {
	val results = executeCommandLine("/usr/sbin/ether-wake 40:16:3b:6b:cd:57")
	logInfo("Test", results)

rule "Samsung TV Volume Up/Down"
  Item TV_Main_Basement_Volume received command
  val current = TV_Main_Basement_Volume.state
  val previous = TV_Main_Basement_Volume.previousState(true, "db4o").state
  if (current < 1) postUpdate(TV_Main_Basement_Volume, 100)
  if (current > previous) {
    executeCommandLine("/usr/bin/samsungctl --host --method websocket KEY_VOLUP")
  } else {
    executeCommandLine("/usr/bin/samsungctl --host --method websocket KEY_VOLDOWN")

rule "Samsung TV Status"
  Item TV_Main_Basement_Status changed
  if (TV_Main_Basement_Status.state == OFF) postUpdate(TV_Main_Basement_Power, OFF)
  if (TV_Main_Basement_Status.state == ON) postUpdate(TV_Main_Basement_Power, ON)
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I have install samsungctl and when i am trying i am getting error like

Command:- samsungctl --host myip --port 55000
Error: Connection refused

Does anyone know of updates in any bindings for the newer Samsung TV’s? I have a UN49MU7000 2017 Model and didn’t have any luck with getting the channels to work with current PaperUI binding.