(OpenHAB2 + Zwave Zstick + Raspberry Pi) Zwave devices status not getting updated

Hi everyone,

Recently I picked up a Zstick gen5 and a GE Zwave dimmer switch and tried installing it on my Raspberry Pi running openHAB2. Initially I had some issue with the binding/openHAB2 complaining that the serial port doesn’t exist even though I followed the instructions of editing files to remove lines and adding the JAVA options etc. The odd thing is that the error goes away by itself after a while without me doing anything thing extra in terms of configuration.

Anyway, now the system recognizes the zstick and when I pair the zstick with the GE dimmer switch openHAB2 recognizes. Using HABmin/PaperUI I can link the device to one of the demo light item but I’m having the following issues.

  1. The odd thing is that in the “openhab.log” file I kept on getting the error “[ERROR] [l.serialmessage.SendDataMessageClass] - NODE 2: Node is DEAD. Dropping message.”. I can control the light fine with openhab but the error message keep on popping up.
  2. I can control the light fine and the status updates fine if I use the android app or the web interface (basic UI) to access openhab. The odd thing is when I turn the light on/off using the physical dimmer switch, the status in the android app or the web interface doesn’t get updated.

Have anyone seen these issues or have any solution. Thanks!

You need to set the association group for “Controller Updates”, sometimes called “Lifeline”, “Controller Updates”, “Group 1”, …

Maybe this is a silly newbie question but where and which file is this located under? Would it be in the items file? Thanks for your time.

HABmin or PaperUI -> Configuration -> Things -> select your node -> Association Groups …

Not all GE/Jasco dimmers support associations. Check your exact model and see if it does. For older switches Zway and Vera use the NIF hack. Does the openhab z wave binding support the NIF for status updates?