Openhab3 - avmfritz callmonitor Duration of calls only in minutes?

While changing from OH 2.5 to 3.1 M2 I now configured avmfritz binding now. And I saw in Calllist there are only small numbers, so seems only duration in minutes is shown. Is that right? Or a failure of mine not showing in seconds?

Hello JenH,

have you been able to solve your problem in the meantime?

Not really a problem, but unlikely. It still shows minutes

I would also like to display the length of a conversation in minutes. Can you write how you did it?

Because of not all in the FRITZ!Box binding, I used TR064 binding now, reading the call list and from the call list extract it via rules.

Just start with this, if having some problems, you can write me also pm.

Could you please elaborate on how to approach this?

I have installed the tr064 binding but do not see any reference to the callmonitor?!

Over TR064 you get a lot of stuff from the fritzbox, including status, calllist etc.

From the call list you can get all calls including minutes, timestamps, etc.

Thanks… the key for my was that I also had to install the AVM Fritzbox binding to make this work.