OpenHAB3 / Custom Widget / How to create summary stats (like 'active lights') similar to "location card badges"


when taking a look at the location cards one can find those awesome summary statistics like “lights in state on” etc.


If I am not mistaken those things are called badges:

I am currently trying to build a custom widget myself and I was wondering how this data could be retrieved.

So far I was not able to find anything related but then I am also not really sure what to search for exactly.

Maybe someone can help?

Platform information:

  • OS: ArchLinux
  • openHAB version: 3.0.0-2

Take a look at this thread

There is an example how to get the badges configured

Thank you for that link!

In those examples all items are explicitly stated.
E.g. =((items.FGDW002WindowSensor_Open.state === 'OPEN' ? 1 : 0) + (items.HS1DSZDoorSensor_DoorSensor.state === 'OPEN' ? 1 : 0)).toString()

I was rather looking for something more generic where I simply configure a group name and probably the state I am looking for.
something like groupName.members[state == 'OPEN'].count.
Does something like this exist?

Found a very similar question which is open since 14 days:

Without luck yet.

I guess you can make a rule that gets the count and put it in a visual item, and then display that item state in the badge, might work?

Yes, I already did that but I thought it could done “easier”. If I can prevent creating that much dummy items I’d rather do so :wink:

I was wondering how the “badge” thingy is tretrieving that counter and would rather re-use that method if possible.