OpenHAB3 Garage Door Relay Control MQTT or HTTP?

I believe this is a similar question to the one seen here.

The difference is I’ve been triggering the relay to pulse open and closed for 500ms via HTTP command in OH2 and it’s worked great for years. Here is the item code.

Switch  Garage_Door      "Garage Door"        <garagedoor>     (SmartDevice)           {http=">[ON:POST:,5,1,500]"}

I’m trying to move my setup to OH3 but I can’t decide if this should be configured as a HTTP thing or If now is the time to start using MQTT?
The physical device is a ESP12e running ESPeasy with a relay and reed switch connected, it’s using MQTT for the reed switch to set the Open or Closed state.

I think my question is, should I just add a channel to the Thing I already created for the reed switch or should I create a new HTTP thing for the relay control/command?

Do you use MQTT for anything else? If not, I’d use HTTP to save yourself another program to setup (an MQTT broker).

Having said that, I’m all in in MQTT so that would definitely be my first choice.


Hi @hafniumzinc mzinc
I’m glad you ask that because until you did and I took a closer look I never realized I actually only use MQTT for status updates. All my commands were from HTTP. So I already setup MQTT and have it working. I’m still wondering if it’s better to use only 1 add on, or if using 2 and separating commands from status updates ends up using less processing processing power or makes it easer on the server? I remember setting up one of my devices to use MQTT commands long ago and it seem like it took longer to respond, than just using HTTP. But that might have been back in the MQTT 1 add on days.
Thanks for all the help and input.