OpenHAB3 HTTP Cache + JSON

Hi all,

Is It possible to use the HTTP Binding with Cache on OpenHAB3?

The documentation do not mention this feature.
HTTP Binding Documentation

I sow some community posts with the HTTP cache approach to parse JSON payloads and avoid several HTTP requests, on previous versions.

I would like to avoid a pooling rule, to update items.

My EVSE returns me the following payload:

	"type": "parameters",
	"list": [
			"vehicleState": 1,
			"evseState": false,
			"maxCurrent": 32,
			"actualCurrent": 6,
			"actualPower": 0,
			"duration": 0,
			"energy": 0,
			"mileage": 0,
			"meterReading": 567.04,
			"currentP1": 0,
			"currentP2": 0,
			"currentP3": 0

Same URLs within the same thing use caching automatically.

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