Openhab3: (i am) to stupid to control the heater/radiator

I have a fresh installation of OH3 with homegear, eq3 and one homematic heater control. It will be found and i get all actual values of the homematic heater.
But i cant set anything.
I have created a Model, with the actuel Temp and the “set temperature” channel. But i cannot set it. The onyl thin what will happen is to open a big screen with statiistic data (see pictures)
Please Help




Hi rossko57
thank you very much for this very important hint.
Now i can adjust the temp. A have created a “page”, but it is ugly. i need 3 items, one with actual temp, one with a slider and one with the actual set temp (see picture). Can this be in one cell?

(If i click on the set temperature cell on the right, it opens already the statistic data)
The cell in the middleopens a slider, where i can set the temp correctly.


If you install the latest milestone you get an easy to use marketplace. You can browse UI addons and one of them is this Heating widget - #24 by fibu-freak

Hello matt1,

i’m not shure, where to find
a) the marktplace and
b) the widgets/UI add ons to install (where)?

I have seen the big yaml file at git for the nice heating widgets, but where to put it?

I have installed this:
openHAB 3.1.0
Release Build


If you upgrade to the latest milestone the marketplace is built in and makes it easier.

With your older version of oh3 you need to manually cut and paste the yaml code into the developer area on the sidebar and create new widget.

Hi matt,

thats it.
Thank you very much.


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