Openhab3 ignored items in inbox after reboot available again

After switch to openhab3 I ignore some Things (homematic, harmony) which I not needed but be there.

In OH2 they were left in ignored status after a reboot. In OH3 these things appear again in the inbox which is annoying.

To me this looks like a bug. Has anyone else noticed this as well ?
Greetings, Christian.

Yes, it is the same in OH2. For me with remoteopenhab looking at an OH2 Docker container on the same host it is really annoying. I set the Thing to use the local ip address of the host but the Inbox finds the Docker address which can change for every reboot.

I’d agree that this is a bug. My Harmony Hub and OpenWeatherMap things keep reappearing after reboots, so it seems as if the ignored history is not being retained.

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i have the same issue… kinda annoying.

It doesn’t bother me, since I’m rarely in the inbox.

Since it seems to affect some items but not others, it’s more likely a bug in the respective bindings that causes them to rediscover the ignored items.

I have seen this behaviour ever since I started using OH back in 2.4 or early 2.5 Milestones / snapshots. It is not new behaviour.

Same for me here (hue and homematic binding). No matter if this is old behaviour or new: It’s annoying and unexpected, so I think it should be fixed. I’ve opened a github issue here: ignored items show up again in inbox after reboot · Issue #2191 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

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I found that for me also unexpectedly some other items (even from other bindings) show up as ignored instead of the ones I did ignore. Is that also the case for you?

Just want to throw in that it happens here the same way. Randomly ignoring things, but not binding specific. I had all things ignored “except” the shelly yesterday

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