OpenHAB3 - Insteon Binding Documentation - broadcastOnOff Type in Things

System Information

Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3 Model B version 1.2 (ARMv8, with 1GB RAM, and SSD)
OS: Raspbian GNU/Linux 10 (Buster)
Java Runtime Environment: 
	openjdk version "11.0.11" 2021-04-20 LTS
	OpenJDK Runtime Environment Zulu11.48+21-CA (build 11.0.11+9-LTS)
	OpenJDK Client VM Zulu11.48+21-CA (build 11.0.11+9-LTS, mixed mode)
openHAB version:
	openhab-distro  : 3.0.2
	openhab-core    : 3.0.2
	openhab-addons  : 3.0.2
	karaf           : 4.2.7

Hello openHAB Community,

I’d like to understand the usage of Type with regard to the broadcastOnOff channel. The documentation seems to contradict itself and I’d like to understand what I am missing.

Consider the listing of Insteon - Bindings | openHAB

channel         type  	description
broadcastOnOff	Switch	Broadcast On/Off

Now consider Insteon - Bindings | openHAB

.Things Example

Bridge insteon:network:home [port="/dev/ttyUSB0"] {
  Thing device AABBCC             [address="AA.BB.CC", productKey="0x000045"] {
      Type broadcastOnOff : broadcastOnOff#2

If the Channel Type for “broadcastOnOff” is a switch, shouldn’t the line under Channels read: “Type switch : broadcastOnOff#2”? Curiously, the version 2.5 documentation for Insteon - Bindings | openHAB shows the broadcastOnOff Channel Type as switch in the things example.


The documentation for 2.5 was not correct. If you look here, it shows the definition for channel type:

<channel-type id="broadcastOnOff">
	<label>Broadcast On/Off</label>
	<config-description-ref uri="channel-type:insteon:switch"/>

The item type for broadcastOnOff is Switch, as you have shown. If you really want, use switch, but label in the UI won’t be correct.

Thanks Rob. That helps and explains why switch worked as well.

This is all explained in the documentation.