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I just upgraded to OpenHab3 and i want to know if i create an item, thing etc. on openHAB UI where are those file stored?
Because I have alot of sonoff with tasmota and they are pretty much the same and a copy-paste will be much easier and only change the topic.

If on Linux installed but apt or yum /var/lib/openhab/jsondb.

Do not edit the JSONDB while oh is running. I recommend instead using the code tab on a Thing, copy that, create another Thing and paste/edit into that new Thing’s code tab.

Another alternative is to create one, then query for it using the REST API explorer. Copy that JSON, paste it into the create Thing endpoint and change what you need to before clicking submit.

Is it possible to continue to use the .thing and .item files to manually create and configure these things/items?

If they are created in the Things and Items files, you can continue to use the Things and Items files to create and modify. You will not be able to modify these Things and Items using the GUI, or in the JSONDB.

Conversely, Things and Items created in the UI cannot be modified using the Things and Items files.

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