Openhab3 Layout Page - Selection

Hey guys,

I want to make a Layout Page in openHAB 3 for my wall mounted display.

I have now following problems:

I have a Selection in my Sitemap and want to make the same Selection in the Layout Page.
Is there any chance to do this? The selection is for LED color presets, like color temperature, coldest, cold, neutral, warm, etc.

Furthermore, is there a chance to make the login screen disappear?

Also is there a chance to to keep the left navigation bar hidden by default?

Because when I click on this button, I can’t go back via a button on my chrome browser in Kiosk mode. I could reload the page completely, but that is not my goal.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Cheers, Niclas

Any widget or component that has the actions set of configurations can do this by using the options action and setting the actionOptions property to the list of options you want:

I don’t think so. MainUI is the primary administrative interface of OH3, giving users the ability to disable administrative login could be disastrous.

If you click on the pin icon at the top it hides the panel. Doesn’t the window remember that setting on reload?

I also see no option. So I opened an github issue:

At the moment I would suggest you to create a guest user which is always logged in.

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Thank you, Button did work.

About the administrative logon, this shouldn’t be disabled for all users, only lets say, via IP address or better via URL?

No unfortunately it doesn’t remember the settings…

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