Openhab3 on docker: Chromecast/google home mini playsound not working

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Asus laptop
    • OS: ubuntu 20.04
    • openHAB version: 3.2.0 running on docker
      *log “Thing ‘chromecast:chromecast:46f0f2d6d04834281f1f3c3311b2c28c’ changed from ONLINE >
      <OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Waiting for response timed out to ONLINE”

tried to switch from Openhabian (raspberry pi 3B) to docker, everything seems working except playsound on google home mini. I tried multiple attempts check the file permissions but, everytime got an error “communication failure, timeout”. I rebuild everything on openhabian on P3 and it’s working.

Another attempt, I just ran openhab3 latest image on docker (did not move anything) and just create a chromcast binding and successfully connect to my google home mini and tried to play doorbell.mp3 file but, same timeout issue. I also tried openhab3 docker on raspberry pi and same issue.

On same machine I ran nodered on docker and playurl on google home mini and it’s working fine.

I really appreciate anyone’s help.