OpenHAB3 On Synology and Docker - Set public config path?


I am used to the 2.x SPK packages on Synology. I now want to give OH3 a try, but this time with Docker.

The install guide for Docker is not quite Synology-friendly. I used this basic guide to get it up and running. I’ve added my z-wave s-zstick and a few devices. I even added the Amazon Echo Control and have all that working well. I am now going to start converting my rules.

One thing I can’t quite figure out is how to tell Docker to use /public/openhab/ paths for addons, config, userdata. I did specify the path mentioned on step 9 of the basic guide. I tried changing the “mount path” to /public/openhab/, but the path doesn’t seem to do anything. For example, if I place a basic .rules file in /public/openhab/conf/rules/, I can’t see the rule in OH3. I did another quick test in Windows and placing a .rules file in the rules path does make it appear in the OH3 web UI (but it can’t be modified through the UI).

How can I specify the /public/openhab/ paths in Docker for Synology? My main reason to set the configuration paths in /public/openhab/ is to be able to easily access the files (logs, rules, etc) while in Windows without having to SSH.


By coincidence, I noticed a “docker” folder in the Shared Folders within Synology. This is where the config files are located. I can’t browse to it in Windows, but I’m able to access it by specifying the UNC path. I noticed “Hide this shared folder in “My Network Places”” was checked in the general settings for this shared folder. I unchecked it and the “docker” folder became browsable. This gives me what I wanted in my original post.