OpenHAB3 remote binding things have no channels

I started last week trying to setup OpenHAB3. I am having a problem with the Remote binding. All the “things” from OpenHAB2 system came into OpenHAB3. The only problem was when I tried to create items for them I found out that all the “things” had no channels. I waited over night to see if they would show up later. No luck. Can anybody let me know what I did wrong? Thanks for any advice.

You are supposed to set up the OH2 server as a bridge and then OH2 Items show up as channels on the bridge.

I am unclear on the purpose of the thing connection. Perhaps @Lolodomocan clarify.

Yes, things have only trigger channels. This is explained in the documentation and even in UI on thing description.

And extract from the binding documentation:
“On the thing thing, you will not find all channels from your remote thing. Only trigger channels from your remote thing will be created. All state channels from your remote thing will be ignored (use the server thing to link a local item to a remote (item).”

You use the term trigger channel. How does that differ from an event channel?

A trigger channel is not linked to an item and has no state, it just triggers an event on the bus (that can be used as trigger in a rule for example).
A state channel is the standard channel in openHAB used to update the state of a linked item.

Astro event channels seem to fit that purpose but when I tried to access the OH2 version over remoteopenhab it did not work.

This is not very common (not used by many bindings) but astro is a good example of binding providing trigger channels and I made my tests with this binding.
For trigger channels, this is only in the way remote server => main server. The triggered channel on the remote server will trigger the corresponding channel on the main server.

What are some examples of astro trigger channels? I thought when I tried astro I got no channels, but my memory may be mistaken…

I let you check, there are several like nightEvent for example if I correctly remembered.

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Ok, I was able to setup a z-wave light item on OpenHAB3 from OpenHAB2 server. I can control the light from the item menu, but when I try to create a rule for for this item it doesn’t appear in the listing of available items in the rule menu. I hope this makes sense.

Just a partial snapshot (there are even more for the Astro thing):

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Thanks. Some of those are what i wanted. I will test again then.
You helping me assists me in helping others.

@MikeH: If you linked the channel to your local item, your local item should be listed in your main server in the list of items in MainUI.
Then if it does not appear when you create rule, that is another problem, certainly not related to the remote openHAB binding, so please open a different subject.

@MikeH can you explain in steps how you do this? I have the exact same requirements

I’m not sure I can help you. It’s been a while since I set it up. Also, I ended up completely transferring over to Openhab3. I no longer use the Remote binding. I was using it mainly for my Z-wave items. Now I have the AeotecGen5 z-wave stick in my Openhab3 computer. Front what I recall you have to create the items from one of the things created by the binding. It took me a while to figure it out, and without having it my Openhab3 system anymore I can’t really walk you through it. One thing I remembered though, is the remote binding had a tendency to lose connection with Openhab2 every once in a while. So sometimes I would find lights or something on when they should have been off. If your using it mainly for the Z-wave I would recommend just switching it over to your Openhab3 system.

On my side, I am still using all my Z-Wave devices through the remote openHAB binding, and it is 100℅ reliable, no problem encountered,

But I will move Z-Wave to OH3 one day too to finally run only one OH server.

OK I was over complicating this - heres what you need to do:

  1. Install binding
  2. Discover remote server
  3. Things > Remote Server thing
  4. Channels (everything from the remote server thats a trigger is here)
  5. Select the Channel that has the item you want include
  6. Click Add link to Item
  7. Create New Item
  8. Fill in the details
  9. DONE!
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Thanks Andrew