OpenHAB3 + RPI + nanoCUL + MAX-EQ3

I would like to control my EQ3-thermo controllers with openhab by using a nanoCUL USB-device 868 MHz…

In openhab1 probably the solution would be a MAX! - Binding, but this is not supported in OpenHAB 3.
The Homatic - Binding requires an IP-address, but the nanoCUL is connected to /dev/ttyUSB0.

Are there any examples available, how to connect these components?


You could run that binding on OH2 and use the remoteopenhab binding in OH3 to get the Items.

Hi Ernst

You can connect your Max devices via Homegear and Homematic Binding to Oh3
I,m running 40+ Max devices without any problems via 4 CUNX but it is also possible with a CUL.


If you run a Openhabian Image install Homegear via “Openhabian-Config”, additionally run
“apt install homegear-management homegear-adminui” then you can configure everything via Homegear AdminUI

otherwise follow the instructions on this Page,

Once you add Devices to Homegear, Homematic Binding will autodiscover new things.

Here you can find additional info
HOWTO: Reflash MAX!Cube to CUL/CUNx and use with homegar and homematic binding - #40 by hmerk


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Thanks a lot for your answers. I will try it!

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