Openhab3 - ZNDMWG02LM + lywsd03mmc + Sonoff 4CH PRO

Hello everyone and first of all, thank you for your help,
I am a novice and lost … I have read a lot of posts about this material but I do not know how to start

I simply want to recover the temperatures of the rooms in my house and control the solenoid valves at the boiler outlet to manage my heating.

I have:

  • OPENHAB 3.1.0 working on my Windows server
  • XIAOMI SENSOR lywsd03mmc
  • CC2531EMK Coordinator (CC2531 Zigbee USB stick + firmware for OpenHAB ioBroker FHEM zigbee2mqtt)
  • Sonoff 4CH PRO

Could you tell me the best procedure to run my installation please?

Thanks thanks thanks!!!

In short:

  • Outside of openHAB (check relevant project websites for instructions):
    • Install Mosquitto MQTT broker
    • Install zigbee2mqtt
    • Configure zigbee2mqtt to connect to Mosquitto and communicate with your cc2531
    • Pair your Zigbee devices with zigbee2mqtt
    • Optional: flash your Sonoff with Tasmota, then connect it to Mosquitto via the MQTT parameters settings.
  • Inside openHAB
    • Follow this guide to setup MQTT.
    • Optional: instead of Tasmota, you could try the Sonoff binding from @delid4ve (search the forum)
    • Create Generic MQTT Things for each of your devices, and create Channels in these Things for each property of your device (temperature, relay etc)

Thank you for your answer, it will be of great help to me
This is exactly what I was missing: An updated roadmap!
Have a nice day

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