OpenHab3 Zway binding does not report an updated thermostat setpoint-value

Running openhab 3.1.0 and z-way-server v3.2.1,
on a pi4 with a raz-berry board and a zwave-plus Eurotronic Spirit thermostat attached to a radiator,
the following issue is occurring:

When you manually set the thermostat setpoint (requested temperature) on thermostat device (it has a + and - knob), the change is reported to the zway server, visible in the zway gui application (and in it’s logs),
but the change is NOT reported to the openhab3 application.

The thermostat is also able to report the current temperature, which is reported to openhab,
and setting the requested temperature on the thermostat from the openhab application, is also working okay.

But openhab does not poll or get notified about the temperature setpoint change done locally on the thermostat-device.

Any idea?

(no polling)