OpenHAB4 not updating status of Shelly devices (shelly-binding)


I have the issue that the status of my Shelly devices does not get updated in OH4.
I see all my Shelly devices in OH as Things, discovery works, I can also control all of them with OH4.

If someone presses the physical switch and a light gets turned on OH4 does not show this.
The official Shelly App shows that the Light is now turned ON, but OH4 still shows it as OFF, the state never changes, I wait for like 10 minutes.

Unfortunately I cannot post any logs because there is no log entry as far as I can see, as OH4 does not register any state change.
Same issue with all my Shelly devices, several Shelly1, Shelly2.5 and Shelly Dimmer2.

Tested with Eco Mode On and Off.
openHAB 4.0.0
Shelly FW: 20230510-082818/v1.13.1-gda6f9f2

Any hint or suggestion is appreciated!
Also if I should post any specific log please let me know!


Quick update, the issue is now fixed, however I am unsure what change made it work again.

I noticed that there was the log entry:
Found multiple local interfaces - ignoring

And therefore I set a fixed IP in OpenHab through the UI in the menu point “Network”

I have a similar problem during setup of OH4 on a new Raspberry PI. The Shelly Binding correclty discovered my 20 devices but after creation of a thing for a device (with a custom name) the device does not disappear from the inbox.
Is there a way to remove them from the inbox (not just hiding them) ?

No, unfortunately, the Shelly Binding needs the devices MAC address to be the UID. You can only label the Thing to your likings.

Is this already reported as a binding error? In my opinion it’s a big error of the shelly binding if the system allows the usage of custom UID’s and the binding does not support it.

@markus7017 are you aware of this „misbehaviour“ ?