Openhabian 2.5.3 Slow Z-wave


I am running a RPi4 with openhabian 2.5.3
Aeotec Gen 5 Z-wave controller
Telegesis Zigbee controller

I set up a new hub on the raspberry pi 4 and I was very frustrated. I’ve read everything I could find on the community about getting the new hub running. I transferred a backup file from my RPi3B+ and restored the new snapshot with it. All of my devices and rules etc… came back to life really nicely. Again I love learning and thru reading all of your posts repaired the addon.config by removing bindings that weren’t where they should be and learned port ttyACMO doesn’t work without a USB hub. The only problem was that my Z-Wave was exceedingly slow. A z-wave switch would take 20 to 60 seconds to respond if at all. finally the z-wave network stopped all together. Mqtt and Zigbee functioned as normal, almost instant response.
What I learned was using Habmin I looked at the z-wave tools where the network diagram is. I have 43 z-wave devices. The diagram showed approximately 2/3 of the devices passing thru one device. I opened each device in habmin (configure things) and set each device that had an association option to use node 1 (controller) saving each one. I set network heal in the z-wave controller to do it’s thing. I ssh’ed into the Pi and sudo systemctl stop openhab2, then cleaned the cache, then rebooted. After about half an hour I went back in to Habmin and checked the z-wave tools mab and the network appeared to be well balanced and over half of the nodes were connected directly to the controller. All of my response times were back in the 1 to 5 seconds response time. I’m hoping others with this issue can confirm a similar situation with their systems.

Truly, Mike

Try disabling the daily heal and manually healing if moving or changing hardware. There are several topics in the forum and issues in GH where this is discussed.


Thank you! I thought I was on to something but it wasn’t long lived. Zwave slowed down to a halt again! I took your advice setting the network heal; additionally removed all of my zwave devices, cleaned the cache then, restarted openhab and then re-installed all of my devices. It seems to have been the fix! Do I leave the network heal disabled?

Again Scott, Thank you very much!


Glad you are back in business! I leave the heal disabled, as others reportedly do, and manually heal the mains powered devices when there is a new or moved device, or if things start to slow down. Sometimes I use PC Controller for the healing. Rebuilding the network is a pain, but it’s good maintenance and always peps things up.

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