OpenHABian 3.4 Wolf Smartset Binding - "Account" Thing Authorization failed

I would like to use the Wolf Smartset Binding.
The Account-Thing doesn’t work.
I’ve double checked Username and Password many times with that auth data I’ve use für
But thing status is always offline (communication error) Authorization failed.

Wolf Device is a CGB-2 with an ISM7 FW 2.10 inside. works fine with it.

I tried:

  • restart OpenHABian
  • remove and reinstall wolfsmartset binding
  • delete and re-add account thing
    but nothing would help

Now I have no idea what I’m doing wrong with OH3 and Smartset binding.


think this is related to API-Key generation on API-Serversides Company WOLF. Please contact WOLF-Customer-Care and request API-Key reset. After that API-Connect via Smartset Binding should work again.

Have a nice Day!


Customer Support told me, theres no reset possible. Smartset is not intend to use by api.