Openhabian and notifications through openhab cloud not working

HI All,

I have a working version of openhabian - latest and updated to the latest.
COnnection to openhab cloud works and shows as online.
I can send notifications manually in the openhab cloud to my ios device - works fine.
My openhabian shows as online in there and i can connect to it.
I see notifications in there… - ie when i use sendLogNotification

however i dont get anythg on my phone…

rule “Garage Door toggle”
Item GDOOR changed to ON
if (GDOOR.state == ON) {
sendNotification(“myemail@mydomain”, “test aaaaaa”)
sendBroadcastNotification(“test bbbb”)
sendCommand(GDOOR ,OFF)

    } else {
            sendCommand(GDOOR ,ON)


Notifcations in thecloud shows the ccc version.
i see the history of the bdoor changing too.
yet nothing on my phone.

ive changed my email for pasting here.

Sometimes it helps to read or search the forum:

oh wow… i looked through heaps of posts… Must of missed this one…

Thanks for the information - really appreciate… atleast i know im not going nuts now :slight_smile:

Notification have been restored, should work now:

Yep - works perfectly now :slight_smile:

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