Openhabian Bluetooth Binding

Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone has a more in-depth guide for installing and setting up the bluetooth binding on a RPi3 running openhabian?

Bluetooth is working, using sudo hcitool scan/lescan is showing all the devices in the home. But the guide in the bluetooth binding is a bit out of my depth. And I also believe the link to download bluecove from googlecode is invalid.

Anyone had success with this?

Which guide? I can’t find a link to googlecode, neither in github wiki nor in openhab documentation.

But I think this is a very tricky binding (I do not use it…) because as far as I understood the docs, you will have to build the driver for your GNU/Linux platform.

Sorry it wasn’t a link it was a command to run in terminal:

svn checkout

Following the instructions on the bluecove website they say to run this command:

svn checkout bluecove-parent

Doing this gives me this problem: ‘/svn/trunk’ path not found.

Ah, I see. then maybe checkout from here: