openHabian-config shows openHAB3, but I run OH4?

Hi, I upgraded today from 3.3.4 to 4.0.4 via openhabian-config tool via menu 03.
My system is running well as long as I can see after I saved again blockly rules and had to change a date time statement in one rule.

I’m only wondering if there is still an issue, because openhabian-config shows me during start “Switching to branch openHAB3 … Ok”.

Also in the header of the tool “openHAB3” is visible, which confuses me a little bit.

In etc/openhabian.conf I see only “openHAB3” in following lines:
# repo and branch to clone from

Does someone know if this is an issue or not? Many thanks!

Openhabian manages two different software items of the environment.
a) onpenhabian itself
b) openhab

The version openHAB3 you see in the header is the branch of openhabian that you actually use.
Can be switched using menu entry 01. This is related to clonebranch.

The OH ( openHAB ) version that you currently have in use you can check by running

dpkg -l openhab

Many thanks Wolfgang! Now I understood the last sentence in the info window in openhabian-config :slight_smile: