OpenHABian Configuration menu - what is OH2/OH3 related?

It is not clear for me which menu items on the OpenHABian configuration menu are for OH2 only and which one can still be used after the upgrade to OH3

A few days after I upgraded to OH3 I run menu item 02 or 10 because I thought that this is also for OH3 and not only for OH2. As a result Java Zulu8 was installed again and my sitemap was no longer displayed. Reinstalling Java Zulu11 fixed the created problem.
Does “Openhab” mean “Openhab2” in the menu items? Are the phrases “stable” and “master” only related to OH2?
To avoid problems for other users it might be helpful to make it more clear which menu item is for OH2 only or for OH3 only or for both. The menu item for Backup works for OH3 and worked for OH2 before the upgrade.

Where you still on OpenHAB3 or moved to stable or master?
Please check this topic for more info on branches

Thank you @lampy for your reply and “warning”. I’m on OH3 … the above screenshots have been made after I used menu item 2 or 10 which accidently switched the branch of the system back stable (OH2).

The SSH window shows that I already was on OH3
At 17:44:13 I started openhabian-config, and 17:44:24 the OH3 config menu was displayed and 17:44:35 the system switched to branch stable … I don’t know which … in the menu item “Select branch” I always selected “Openhab3”. Possibly other menu items switch to branch stable (02 or 10 or?) which is not transparent to me.
By the way: I always search the forum for hints before I do a change on my system and before I ask a question in the forum / community

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Read the link @lampy gave you.
You possibly have clonebranch= set so any start of openhabian-config will reset your branch.

@mstormi if you read my post as carefully as I have read the documentation on the link, you should have mentioned that I wrote in my post that I read avai information before I ask. To come back to the intention of my my post: Is it possible to make more clear in the Openhabian Configuration menu which menu items are related to OH2 only and which to OH3 only and which to both - possibly your documentation on the link or the description of the menu items is not clear enough (possibly only for me). My intention is, that others don’t misunderstand the documentation on the link or the menu item description as I possibly did. I understand that OH3 is a “stable” version … there are also “OH3 RC” and “OH3 milestones”. For me just saying “stable” could mean “OH2 stable” or “OH3 stable” . May be, for you writing “stable” is good enough, than ignore my comment … but don’t be surprised if others run in the same issue I had.

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I beg your pardon?

The menus have titles and/or descriptions that explicitly quote the version (such as “03 - Install or upgrade to openHAB release 3” or the 42 menus).
If they don’t mention the version (such as menus 41) it’s simple: it applies to your currently installed version. BTW menu 41 has been like that for ages, long before OH3 emerged.

No frankly I don’t think it can be made any simpler or clearer than that.

However, you and everybody else are invited to propose any wording that you think is “clearer”.

@mstormi According your explanation menu item 02 means that all software packages and OH3 will be upgraded to their latest version when the title of the config menu shows “[openHAB3]”

… and menu item 10 means that I get the latest improvements and bugfixes of OH3 when the title of the config menu shows “[openHAB3]”

No it does not. By ‘title’ I was referring to the column #2 (#1 is the number, #3 is the description)

The window title you refer to shows what openHABian branch you are on.
That does not necessarily mean you have OH3 installed.

I have upgraded from OH2 to OH3. If I understood correctly so to always have the latest version of OH3 I use openhabian-config and choose Branch = openHAB3 and then menu 2 | “Upgrade System” “Upgrade all installed software packages (incl. OpenHAB) to their latest version”. Is this right?

Not fully because the latest OH code is in the SNAPSHOT branch. If you are on release or testing (menu 41 then 02 will upgrade it to the latest version of the release or testing packages (which is usually older than snapshots).

My information was probably incomplete. I have openHAB 3.0.0 - Release Build installed.

I not really understand this logic. A more consistent logic in the wording may help to reduce misunderstanding and configuration errors.

For me a consistent logic in the wording would be:
Whenever the word

  • Openhab show up in the menu item text, the menu item can be used while running OH3 or OH2
  • Openhab2 show up in the menu item text, the menu item can only be used while running OH2
  • Openhab3 show up in the menu item text, the menu item can only be used while running OH3
    When none of these 3 words show up in a menu item text, the menu can be used while running OH3 or OH2

In the past, while running Openhab2.x, I used “sudo openhabian-config” every few weeks to keep my system up to date (not only OH related but also additional packages like grafana) … after doing a backup. Is this still possible with menu item 10 “Apply improvements” while now running OH3?
If not, how can I keep my system running OH3 up to date?

Ok if you want changes to the software that I’ve built for you and that you use for free, sit down, implement or document, and contribute back to the community.
But I’m fed up with this “but this is all bad because I don’t understand it”.
BTW the key word in that sentence is the shortest word in it.
If you are unwilling to do that, do us at least the favor and stop complaining. Thank you.
And no, you don’t have to pay for this advice.


We may have a totally different understanding what user friendly support looks like. There are other OH maintainers who do that much better.

Sorry to say that, but the discussion took the same route as in other topics like Openhabian configuration tool documentation
(where somebody else needed to take over to give a user satisfying questions)

I’ll try the menus on my own risk after doing a backup of my system and find my way myself or by the help of others.

Thank you for you contribution to OH … your strength might be programming in a silent room

BTW my intention is not complaining … I have asked if it is possible to make the wording of the menu items clearer to avoid problems for others. If you understand this as complains you may ask yourself what the root cause of that is

Full on LOL at that one.

@mstormi is one of the nicest germans I know he actually cares about the users and he only gets comments when there is a problem.

I have had better support from him than I have had from siemens. 2020 has been a shitty year lets start the new one on a good foot.

Markus it is clear to me we have dumber users than expected, for the next release of openhabian could be better as it always is. For example you could put in a donation button or buy me a SD card.