openHABian Configuration Tool - 04 Import config

I am wondering about the (I believe new) option 04 | Import config in the openHABian Configuration Tool. I was hoping I could use this option instead of a full restore (51) to only import my configuration of things, items etc., but the tool always fails with error message “Restoration of selected openHAB configuration failed”.

I was trying to find some documentation on this option, but no luck. Even when selecting 00 | About openHABian, and also in the documentation, the screenshots of the main menu don’t even show this option (this is why I am thinking it is new :slight_smile: )

My understanding is it will be a full restore. So this whole issue might be moot. I suspect that its complaining because it can’t find the zip file with the backup.

if that is the case, what is then the difference to the standard (“legacy”) restore option (51)?

when using option 51, all works fine without error message and it is finding the backup zip file …

Menu 51 is to restore openhab configuration based on a backup of the openhab configuration stored in /var/lib/openhab/backups.
Menu 04 uses an URL or a file at /boot/ See openHABian | openHAB .restore_openhab_config
In both cases the file will be restored by calling the same function which is restore_openhab_config .

If it doesn’t work run openhabian in debug mode to get more information about the root cause of the problem.
The error message seems to be created for cases when the path/file name that you entered does not exist.