Openhabian Controlling 12V Paging Input on Receiver

I am looking to create a 12V trigger for Russound MCA C5 audio paging.

I am thinking I can use GPIO on the openhabian to create a trigger, but I am looking for instructions on how to wire it up and any hardware that I might need to buy/solder in order to go to the 12V trigger input (mini jack) on my audio controller.

The ultimate goal of this is to have audio pages throughout my house using PICO text to speech, which is working and outputting fine from the Raspberry Pi. All audio is working throughout the rooms when using traditional audio inputs. However I believe my paging input requires this 12V trigger to function.

Alternatively a way to control paging through items/rules would be amazing.

Thanks for any help on this.

Assuming the 12V is sourced from the amp and you only need to close the circuit to activate the trigger, all you need is a simple 5V relay (like this one with a kickback diode built-in). Connect a GPIO output pin and Ground on your Pi to the relay coil (you’ll also need to add a line from the PI’s 5V out to the relay “power” input), and connect the trigger input wires from the amp to the Normally Open (NO) contacts on the relay.

If 12V is not sourced from the amp (i.e. you need to drive 12 V into the trigger input), you’ll also need a 12V power supply and use the relay NO contacts to switch the positive power supply line into the trigger input (with the ground returning to the power supply ground lead).

I will test here in the next couple of days, but I believe it isn’t sourced from the amp and needs 12V power supplied for the trigger to happen.

Thank you for the link to the relay, no matter what happens with my test I will need that part.