openHABian download issues (download speed from github/s3)


this is my first post and i hope i’m writing it in the correct section :smiley:

I want to install openHABian on my Raspi, but i am stucking at step 1. I’m not really able to download the image from github (at the end its s3 from aws): github[dot]com/openhab/openhabian/releases (cant post more than 2 links as new user…)

I am trying to download “openhabian-pi-raspios32-v1.6.1b.img.xz”, which resolves to

I tried it yesterday and today. The Problem is the download speed < 20 kb/s, it would take around 12 hours to download 945 MB… :slightly_frowning_face:

I also tried it with other versions/images, same problem.

My internet connection seems not to be the problem:

Do you have any other mirrors?

Thank you very much in advance!

I’ve tried your link right now and it took about 4mins to download it. I’m also in germany so any country restrictions shouldn’t be the problem

No sorry. It’s a Github wide problem that hit me as well.
But it’s intermittent and worked for me on 3rd attempt so simply keep trying.

Same here, can’t really download it. Is this getting better during the day/night? Any experiences?

It was fine the last days but if it isn’t for you now don’t bother trying. Relax, have a beer, better luck tomorrow.