Openhabian Failed installing 'openhab-transformation-upnp'

I’m running latest stable version on openhabian
I try to get the sony binding running, which requires the upnp transformation.
I so added the upnp transformation in the addons.cfg, but can’t be installed
Looking in paperUI, there is no such upnp transformation available.
Any idea ?

You talk about openHAB not openHABian please correct that.

PS: I wouldn’t know of a upnp “transformation”. Do you mean xpath ?

On the Sony thread, they mention for openhab 2.5x to install upnp :
upnp requirement (for 2.5+): feature:install openhab-transport-upnp
This is from Sony Devices Binding

Read more carefully:
transport, not transformation

And correct the naming please.