openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup

That’s okay but please let me know if I should make that more clear :wink: The Port in the Linux article could also be extended to contain more details.

Hey guys,

i want to copy my existing openhabian to a new SD-Card…How can i handle this?


Hey! You should be fine just moving the image from one card to the other.

One thing you’ll have to look out for: Different sizes of the old and new SD card could be a problem. That is a bigger issue if the new one is smaller, which I do not expect. There are multiple solutions out there, good luck!

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haha i know to change the sd-card from one hardware to another…i mean how can i handle to move the whole image or how can i create an image of the existing openhab2 to move it from 16GB to 8GB :smiley:

Edit: Can i just add a new file with myopenhabimg.img and then read from win32diskimager?
Edit2: Is a class 4 sd-card enough or should i be a class 10?

@philKrylc @Noircogi the host.key change introduced more problems than it solved and was reverted. You may see some transitioning effects but everything should work as before now.

Best Regards, Thomas

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Any ideas why there isn’t a logs folder and files?

Have you checked in /var/log/openhab2/?

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Hi @ThomDietrich,

just some remarks:

  • under features - raspberry pi specific: you could also mention menu options 20 - 22
  • under quick start: Raspberry Pi: small typo in the sentence

This system will install Raspbian followed by openHAB and a the mentioned settings and tools.

  • cosmetic: you may want to consider exchanging Linux with GNU/Linux
  • may be it’s an option to add some words regarding how to change the default passwords
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As @scottk already said, you are checking in the wrong spot:

@ThomDietrich: Thanks for your help.

But what if I have already run the updates?
“OK - No remote changes detected. You are up to date.”

By the way: I very like your first version of the openHABian doc article :slight_smile:

Ah, Sorry for the cryptic answer Yvonne.
What I was trying to point you to is the lower part where I described one of the latest changes. In the openHABian menu you will find the option “Serial Port”, behind which you will find the following possibilities:

That should be all you need to prepare your system for the use with zwave/razberry. Good luck and don’t hesitate to come back here if it doesn’t :wink:


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Thanks Matthias, I’ve started to work on these improvements. When reading “GNU/Linux”, U had to smile :slight_smile: Yes that is technically more correct but how many readers will take anything from that? I would argue that the previous mentioning of Debian/Ubuntu is hint enough. Would you agree?

That’s what I thought. My answer is still the same, you’ll need to use some special methods and all depend on your experience. Moving to a smaller SD card is not as easy and I would just install openHABian anew. If you want to do it, check this thread, I’ve previously linked some tool that are able to do the “shrink” for you.

I would not go down to 8GB! Because of wear leveling (see above) I’d stay with 16Gb or even upgrade to 32GB.
Regarding the SD card brand/class, please check the nice article @kasperz posted a few days back. openHABian hassle-free openHAB Setup

Agreed :sunglasses:

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@ThomDietrich Thanks so much! My controller is online :slight_smile:

Now I can start including my wall plugs and windows sensors. Guess this will also take some time :wink:

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The article is online. If you are missing an important detail, please just file a new issue :wink:

Just make a note of this that if you have a mac reserved DHCP address that when it reboots after the OS is install it will have a new IP.

if you have a raspberry pi running the full, latest raspbian with GUI such as the 2 or 3 (or maybe even 1)
and you have 2 USB sd card readers

Than that Raspbian has SD Card Copier which I’m pretty sure shrinks whitespace to fit smaller sd card (if possible):
Menu > Accessories > SD Card Copier

Shouldn’t the logs at ‘/var/log/openhab2’ be available from the Samba share locations, ie. openHAB-userdata/log?

I can view the configuration files etc. using the share but to view the logs I have to use another program like winSCP.

Hi guys - i’m getting strange errors tryin to update my openhabian:

Err Packages
Get:48 Packages [369 B]
Err Packages
W: Failed to fetch distributions/openhab-offline/target/apt-repo/Packages HttpError404

W: Failed to fetch distributions/openhab-online/target/apt-repo/Packages HttpError404

E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

Any idea?