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hi , first check ur current ip address and check RPI ssh status is on of off

I was super excited to use openHABian with my Raspberry Pi 2 and a UZB USB Stick. Once booted, configured and set up all working great aside from Z-Wave - as soon as I configure the UZB on /dev/ttyACM0 I would lose all networking on the Pi. The network lights would go out. Sometimes on a forced reboot I would be able to view a few OpenHAB Paper UI pages before it would then lose networking again. Clearly something was broken - and I have tried other high rated (2A+) USB power supplies and cables with no change.

At the moment I am using Rasbian Minimal with OpenHAB 2 installed manually, and this works just fine with the UZB and Z-Wave Binding controlling my things no problem.

Could you describe this in more detail? Did you use the openHABian Serial Port menu entry for this?
openHABian is based on Raspbian Lite, I doubt this is the issue.

Hello everyone and welcome to the post 1000st comment :slight_smile:

@FreeRangePamela the setup should run through without issues. If that was not the case, chances are your system is missing other components it should have after a successful setup. Be sure to go through all options in the openHAB Configuration Tool, especially the ones listed under manual setup. If you are confident everything is okay, execute the following command: sudo rm /opt/openHABian-install-failed

@narf27 your message is not clear but me best bet is you are talking about backup and restore on a new system? Please see here: - I’ve updated these instructions just recently.

@Zaphood1967 I just realized that I missed to highlight NodeRED in the version announcement. @kubawolanin I’ll do that later.
Your question is quite specific and I can’t really answer that. Maybe you need to perform a firmware upgrade via rpi-upgrade but that’s just a wild guess. The Raspbian based openHABian image should allow to swap between RPis.


Ah, that could be a cause, thanks. I’ll run that upgrade and see what happens.

Thank you, @ThomDietrich I ran through all of the options in the configuration tool and all of the essential stuff seemed to install fine. Who knows… it may blow up in my face, but I can always start over :slight_smile: Appreciate all your efforts!

Oh… spoke too soon. Did what you suggested and tried to reboot and it’s still trying to install. Where it seems to be going bad is where it says “trying to clone myself” – that is failing. Is there something I can do about that? Of course, I’d prefer for the setup to work properly if possible.

Otherwise… is there something else I can do to stop the setup from auto-starting at boot?

Ah, just realized that this was the wrong part of the otherwise automated process of making sure everything works… :smile: To hack your system into self-acceptance execute sudo touch /opt/afterfirstboot.lock. If you are interested in the magic behind all of this, have a look here

I’m pretty confident the setup would run through just fine if you started anew with a fresh image.

Hi, I have OpenHABian installed on a Raspberry Pi 3. I got an Aeotec WallMote Quad recently and after discussing with Chris Jackson I found the device is not in the Z-Wave binding 2.0.0 which comes with OpenHABian but the WallMote is in the database for the recent version of the binding. My question is how do I update the Z-Wave binding in OpenHABian without using the snapshot method?

Wait a few days and a solution will present itself :wink: Would you ask again on Wednesday?


Thanks Thom, no problem. I can wait :slight_smile:

First impression of upgrading Raspbian Jessie to Stretch is quite smooth. I had no issues, neither with openHAB nor with homegear in combination with Homematic LAN Gateway.

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Excellent! Good to know :wink:


Very happy to see a backup/ restore option! I have yet to try it out, but I must say that the documentation for the backup process is in need of some dumbing down. I’m sure it’s not that difficult, but trying to follow the latter part of the documentation is cryptic…

Hey @Branden_Smale,
I’m also glad we finally got one shipped with openHABian. I was waiting on that feature because I was not yet sure of the best solution tom go with. The Amanda backup solution was implemented by @mstormi (Thanks for that!!) and the README is not ideal, I think he knows that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Long story short, if any of you wants to clean it up, that would be a huge help, otherwise I’ll have to do that in the next couple of days.

I admit it’s a quick hack. When I realized I had to provide at least some initial documentation, I took a term session log and just added some explanatory comments. I didn’t think of the markdown until now.
No fear, it’s not as cryptic as it might seem at first glance.
Essentially the amcheck and amdump commands are started from cron to initiate a backup run, and you use either amrecover to restore single files or amfetchdump to restore raw devices (such as SD card partitions).

I do, and yes, any help enhancing the docs is appreciated.
Note there’s a lot of information already available at and Amanda Wiki that I didn’t want to reproduce.

EDIT: I’ve put up some at least small enhancements to the README as PR#165

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What a hassle to create a file that looks good in ASCII AND markdown :unamused:
Now here you are. @ThomDietrich: still in PR#165.

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That is much easier to read, nice job!

Minor thing that jumped out at me, highly doubt its a big deal…

‘’’ Amanda Backup Client Hosts Check

Client check: 1 host checked in 5.705 seconds. 0 problems found.

(brought to you by Amanda 3.3.6)

backup@pi:~$ amreport openhab-dir
nothing to report on!
backup@pi:~$ amdump openhab-dir
backup@pi:~$ amreport openhab-dir
Hostname: pi
Org : openHABion openhab-dir
Config : openhab-dir
Date : März 30, 2017’’’

At the Org: says openHABion…shouldn’t it be openHABian?

Oh dear, now you’re telling me. I’ve been patching the wrong software all day long :wink:


It’s for your modded version I’m sure…

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openHAB 2.1 is out!

Hey everyone. The linked article above says all you need to know.

If you want to upgrade your openHABian powered installation just follow these instructions:


Btw. if you like openHAB and openHABian, give a like at alternativeTo and help spread the word!

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