Openhabian homekit pairing failed

Hi all,

I am a bit lost. On the weekend I made a fresh installation with latest openhabian on my RaspberryPI. I could connect all bindings and services but was failing with homekit. The installation on Paperui worked pefectly but pairing in Homekit app does not work.
I set as well homekit on iOS11 device back and tried pairing again. No success. I tried as well again a new installation of openhabian but still failing to pair homekit.

On my former image everyhting was working fine. Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


I have a similar issue with HomeKit, I added it with 2 iPhones (mine & wife) both on IOS10, after a week or so 1 iPhone (mine) “lost” homekit and I cannot get it back. Tried re-adding it with no success, Even after the IOS11 upgrade, same problem. The phone that works (wife’s) is the “invited” one, not the primary one, so I cannot “invite” myself back. Very frustrating.