Openhabian: How to find out own running openhabian release

Hi there,

I am running an openhabian installation that uses openhab 3.2.0.
I would like to download the associated openhabian from githut.

However, I do not know how to find out which openhabian release I have running on
my server.

Would be great if you can give me a hint.


openHABian itself will always update to the current version, so it doesn’t make sense to use an old version.
If you want to ensure you install the same openHAB version (3.2.0), just use the current openHABian image, after installation uninstall openHAB then reinstall with the version number:

sudo apt remove openhab
sudo apt install openhab=3.2.0-1

you can get the correct version number from the output of

apt-cache madison openhab

Maybe you will need to install Java11 as well (you can do that via openhabian-config)