[openhabian] Howto install openHAB3 with current openhabian image?

I try to install openHAB 3 with the current openhabian image by setting “clonebranch=openhab3”. This seems not to work, as my system started of with openHAB 4!

Am I doing something wrong?

As far as I understand by using clonebranch=openhab3 or clonebranch=openHAB3 one ends up in

if [[ $# == 1 ]]; then
elif [[ -n $INTERACTIVE ]]; then
radioOptions=(“release” “most recommended version that supports openHAB 4 (openHAB branch)” “OFF”)
radioOptions+=(“latest” “the latest of openHABian, not well tested (main branch)” “OFF”)
radioOptions+=(“legacy” “use for openHAB 2.x support (legacy stable branch)” “OFF”)

case "$current" in
    branchLabel="the release version of openHABian"

    branchLabel="the latest version of openHABian"

    branchLabel="the legacy version of openHABian"

  *) branchLabel="a custom version of openHABian. If you think this is an error, please report on Github (remember to provide a debug log - see debug guide)."

    radioOptions+=("$current" "some other version you fetched yourself" "ON")

I think this is because openHAB3 is not listed as a choice there any longer.
Interesting to see that openHAB2 is in there.

I had also intended to do the same to be able to restore my backup of openHAB 3.4.2 and then update to openHAB 4.
It is probably not possible to restore the backup in openHAB 4.
Is there anyone who can help how to do it?

clonebranch=… is about the openHABian version (branch) and that is unrelated to the OH version.

I wouldn’t know about a menu path to install OH3. You would need to do it on the command line
using apt-cache madison openhab and then apt-get install openhab=.... with the proper package version from the former command’s output

Thanks for this input!

In my (humble) understanding this:

### Deploy openHAB 2 or 3

The image will install openHAB 4 by default, to have it install openHAB 2 or 3 right from the beginning, set `clonebranch=stable` or `clonebranch=openhab3` in `openhabian.conf` before first boot.

gave me the (the obviously flase) impression that the first boot of the openHABian image would install openHAB3.

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Sorry to ping you.
I don’t have very good knowledge of linux commands.
If I understand you correctly, it is not possible to install openHAB 3 with openHABian 1.8. Is it a solution to install openHABian 1.8 with openHAB 4 and then using openhabian-config to downgrade to openHAB 3 make a restor of the backup of openHAB 3 and then upgrade to openHAB 4.

it should have, I just fixed it (I hope) but this is obviously nothing I can fully test myself.
(though I frankly don’t understand the need with of you to install OH3 when you already have it running)

Try with clonebranch=openhab3 now that I’ve changed it.
or import the 3 config and manually run the upgrade tool (see rel notes) before starting 4

Thanks for this input.

I will give it a try and report!

BTW: I had a “Murphy” strike, my running system broke and I was trying to setup fresh OH4 and using an OH3 BackUp to restore my “stuff”. Which didn’t work so well…

Used the:

Had to search for the “upgrade tool”. Got a bit worried, because MainUI showed a openHAB version of 3.4.2 after the above procedure. Cleaing the cache resolved that one.

So Magnus and Jürgen, did my proposals work for both of you ? That’s unclear from your feedback.

As stated above, I used the suggested “or” solution and it worked.
As of the openHABian image, I was uncertain from were to get the changed image (the image on github is from the 25th)

Changed to clonebranch=openhab3 and openHAB 3.4.5 Release Image was installd. Thanks. You fixed the problem as usual.

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