Openhabian install command line

How do I get past this screen? All video tutorials do not show the PI booting up to this point. All instructions i can find show the os booting and then accessing the setup panel through a browser.

The screen shot looks like you have OH installed and you’ve connected via ssh.

Have you opened a browser on a different PC and tried to access the setup panel?

Just as you sent this message I tried it from my other pc. So when I install openhabian on my raspberry I can no longer access the OS on my raspberry and it is only accessible from another computer on the same network?

You can use ssh or samba share to access the RPI. I prefer using samba share and VSCode with the OH extension for creating and editing OH files.

OH running on the RPI is meant to run as a headless server, meaning that you should be able to interact with OH via web console on any PC/tablet/cell phone in your network using something like BasicUI to see and control your items.

You have an option to configure the things, items, etc… via PaperUI or use the files located at etc/openhab2 Personally I like to use files for all my configs but that’s just my preference.

OpenHABian is a headless operating system. This means it is meant to run without a screen and keyboard. And all the functions are done remotely.

You will need to ssh into the pi.
If you are using windows, then a softwate called putty is reccommended for this.

You will also need to find the IP address of your pi or your LAN (Local network IN your home).
It normally looks like 192.168.XX.XX. You can do this by accessing your router settings (See your manual) and find the attached devices.

Once you have the IP address, you can see the main openHAB interface by going to:

You should be presented with the openHAB welcome screen