Openhabian install fails with unreleased lock

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi4B - 4GB
  • Issue of the topic: Fresh install of the latest release (openhabian 1.7.3 with OH3.2 stable)

The installation of openhabian 1.7.3 completed, but some features did not work (samba, frontail, …)
After examining the first-boot.log file (created with debugmode=on) it appears that the openhabian part installed correctly, but some parts of the openhab install could not be executed due to an unreleased lock.
(line 1358 in the attached log, and some fails further down).

I retried the full installation, this time with debugmode=maximum. This install completed successfully.

So, for me this is not an urgent matter as I have a successful installation now. I just want to mention it here since there may be some race condition in the installation procedure that makes a fresh install (sometimes) fail (installing with maximum debug may have changed the timing enough to avoid the problem - or I was just lucky then)

first-boot.log (75.7 KB)