OpenHABian install file sync errors?

[SOLVED] I’m a moron and was using too big of an SD card.

This may be more of a general Linux question, but I’d figure I’d give it a shot:

I’m attempting to do a fresh install on a RPi3, it performs all the retrieving and verifying, and then moves to configuration steps. It’s then failing with a bunch of “unable to sync file” errors and then just shutting down.

Any tips on how to fix this?

Thanks!My Google-fu is weak and I’ve been unable to find anything that points to these errors.

Never saw that before. Please check what I’ve written here:

Too big SD card?? :slight_smile:

64GB . . . apparently the Pi’s will only reliably work on a 32GB or
smaller? So says the internet.

Ah, yes there is that problem -.-