Openhabian installation crash after upgrade to 2.1 and after Linux upgrade

Yesterday I’ve made upgrade my openhabian to 2.1 using openhabian-config (I had openhab in 2.1 snapshoot) and after I’ve made upgrade linux also using openhabian-config.

Process was smooth but when I restarted after few minutes I’ve got message on console “gpio mem device opened…” and system stoped and my display turned to black :frowning:

I’ve found information about but I think it is not this case. To be honest I do not understand information “installed using ua-netinst”, in my case I’ve installed using openhabian image, next I’ve instaled openhabian snapshot (using apt-get) and after I’ve upgraded openhabian/linux using openhabian-config.


can you ssh into your system or it is completely frozen?
Which Raspberry Pi model ?

Yes it is completely frozen and I cannot access it using ssh and keyboard/monitor connected directly to Rpi.
I have version Rpi v.2. In afternoon I try to record and share movie how it is look like.

I can try to reinstall from openhabian 1.3 but to be honest I prefer use existing installation (I have backup before upgrade of course) because in the same Rpi I have InfluexDB, Telgraph and many scripts.
BTW I have Razberry adapter connected to my Rpi.


Can you try to Ctrl+C when connecting via SSH while it freezes because there was a Problem with FireMotd that caused ssh to freeze.

Wuupsy did not read that correctly, sorry

Up to openHABian release 1.2, there used to be 2 ways to install the image:
a) The “regular/full” image (openhabianpi-raspbian-[…].img.xz)
and the
b) The “minimal” image using the unattended netinstaller (ua-netinstall) (openhabianpi-ua-netinst-[…].img)

Since release 1.3, @ThomDietrich provides only the “regular” build.

For troubleshooting…I don’t have many ideas…
you could try to enable single user mode and look at the output of dmesg

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I’ve used rather ‘full image’.
It is not a problem with SSH, as I wrote display is turn off - and system does not respond. During afternoon I try to make once again migration from 2.0 to 2.1 and after I try to make system upgrade.
If it fail I reinstall everything :frowning:


You can take a backup of your current configs and InfluxDB etc by reading the SD Card in a Windows machine using extfs tools

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Single User mode is not about SSH. It’s about runlevels

Hit shift when starting up.
Hit “e” to edit config.
Tab over to cmdline.txt,
Add to the end of the line, init=/bin/sh
Hit ok, then Esc to boot…
it will boot you as root, single user.
check logs and dmesg output

edit: If the above doesn’t work, try:
edit /boot/cmdline.txt from another PC
add a space and a 1 at the end of cmdline.txt, right after the rootwait parameter

It was comment to post of @BrutalBirdie

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@Michal_Szymanski Like I said

With that I revoked my comment, just ignore it.


i´ve the same problem since upgrading to OH2.1. I´m not using the ua-netinst, i ´ve installed the “full-img”.
SSH, openhab, homegear and everything freezes.
Any news on this?

you mean that your raspberry pi2 is freezing upon startup? (this was the original problem from the first post)

It is better to open up a new thread and include as much info as possible (openHABian release used, hardware used, log outputs, screenshots, etc)

Hi Dim,

it´s not during startup. it occures randomly…i´ll open a new Thread.

Same for me - after approx. one day, the installation is unreachable anymore via web/app. I can access the RPi via SSH, but it’s slow as hell - really, extremely slow. I checked the processes using “top” and it was almost idle…