Openhabian installation Raspberry PI

Hello Community! I have a question about Openhabian installing. I download latest openhabian image:

After this i write this image in SD card (I use 8GB card - maybe it is reason of problem?) and do all steps, described in instruction:

But at the end I write in browser : 8080 and see nothing. After this I connect to raspberry via putty and see then typical raspberry info text (without OPENHAB high letters).
What wrong I do ?

I guess you didnt type “:8080” but “#IP#:8080” in the browser?

Whats the output of sudo service openhab2 status in putty?

Huh? First you download the openHABian image, then you install openHAB on top ???
That’s nonsense as openHABian will also install openHAB [isn’t that obvious from the description ?]

Second - as already responded - you must access openhab:8080 (assuming “openhab” is a DNS name known on your DHCP/DNS server, else replace that by your system’s IP address).

Finally, read the debug guide for more information.

Thank you for your answer.
In browser I write raspberry IP:8080.

I just did again all steps, described in instruction and now it works.

Thanky you for your answer.

  1. No, I just did only 7 steps described in top of the instruction.

  2. In browser window I type raspberry IP:8080.

But now I just did all these 7 steps again (since SD card formatting) and now it works. What was the reason of that problem I don’t know exactly.