Openhabian Kernel Error Panic and how to transfer from sdcard to usb

Hi All,
I had to plug and unplug my pi due to not responding but today when I unplug and plug it back, it give me kernel error panic error and won’t let me boot. It is less than a month since I install it. It was on my old SD card which had been formatted. I read some forum that some had been having regularly sdcard corrupted. My question will be

  1. Opinion if it is better to run via sdcard or USB. does USB have faster life cycle or SD card?

  2. also I’m trying to run in USB now…but because I didn’t backup I need to start all over. I try read the sdcard using ext2explore. Seem like most file is there. My question is how do I copy my sdcard files to USB so that I do not need to do all over again. And also which file to copy over so all my personal data and items are there

Both are using non-volatile flash memories for data storage so its not worth it.

Run it off an sd-card that is mirrored and backup to another device (USB, NAT or Cloud)

Better to run an ext hdd or SSD?

SSD all the way I got a Msata drive on my PI

Thanks. How do I copy my file from sdcard over to the new one. And do you know which folder to copy?

Folders are located here - openHAB on Linux | openHAB

You must STOP openHAB before copying any files over.

Use SSH to copy files over I use midnight commander just type mc in SSH terminal and F5 is copy

Here is a very good description using rsync:
HOWTO: Move the filesystem to a USB stick/Drive

Will ssd last long?

Yes SSD will last you a long time as long as you are not continuously writing to it.

Can anyone pointe how to run SSH. I tried checking half a day but could figure out. Is there a site where I can follow step by step?

Hi all I install a new image again to my USB and it boots fine… I can access using winscp or putty…but can’t access openhabian:8080. I tried using ip address as well as try login on my mobile phone still can’t access. Funny is I still can access via putty or winscp and previously I had it installed on my sdcard and it works fine

Accessing your openhab host via ssh and via port 8080 are two different services.
If you can access your OH host via IP by using service ssh and you can’t access your OH host via browser on port 8080 by using the same IP address then most probably the service on port 8080 is not running. Check the openhab.log in directory /var/log and the output of command sudo journalctl -u openhab -b

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Thanks sir… What should I look for in the log? Do I need to change anything?

Check for messages

  • that give a hint if the openhab service failed to start
  • that are error messages

What is the output of
sudo systemctl status openhab

thanks team. i think it is my usb drive faulty causes it. Btw, i know we can backup openhabian via sudo-config. How do we make openhabian backup to sdcard? i’m currently running it via usb but it gets backup to my usb drive. I would want to backup to other drive instead of the same one incase my usb got corrupted

I suggest you take a break and rethink your approach.
If you want to use openHABian, use openHABian-supported hardware (SSDs are not) and openHABian-provided tools such as the SD mirror setup menu function and the Amanda backup software.

Or refrain from using openHABian and do on your own server project.
Use whatever hardware, OS and tools you want, but do it on your own.
Please don’t ask on the openHAB forum how to do it, that’s not what the forum is there for.

Please do not ask people to help with mixing these approaches. It’s ultimately a waste of time on your and everybody’s part and will not result in a stable setup when you are not 100% aware of all the relevant details and I don’t think you are.
Sorry to you and anyone this may sound rude to - this is not my intention, my intention is to help you (the original poster) find a working solution quick and with as little efforts possible to anyone.
Thank you for understanding.

Recommended readings:
how to ask a good question
openHABian availability and backup features
support of running a modified openHABian setup
On SD cards and flash corruption

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@Calvin_Chin Marcus is giving world class professional advice. I setup my pi3 running oh on SSD years ago. I sometimes have little isuues that take me only seconds to fix. I sometime forget that other people don’t have the same experiance as I do.

Do what Marcus has suggests he has put countless hours into making it easy to use openHABian. Do youself a favour and buy good quality sd cards and use mirroring. If you already have SSD use that to store persistance and backups.

There are thousands of tutorials to teach you how to use SSH in linux.

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