Openhabian lighttpd settings

The traditional lighttpd.conf file is not to be found and the /etc/lighttpd/conf-available entry looks strange. I’ve googled without success to find how the webserver is setup. I’m looking to add an additional virtual server. Any pointers?


Openhabian does not do anything about lighttpd, neither install nor remove. I don’t even know what that is.
You didn’t mention on which OS(distro) and HW you installed openHABian, but it’s just unchanged so look after your distro.
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I think you are mistaken and maybe as confused as me.

Openhabian is the distribution in that includes a customised version of Raspbian Buster (hence the name). It does install and run lighttpd as the openhab webserver - but not in a way I can decipher having run webservers for the last twenty years. Lighttpd.conf is not to be found and the usual hunt round /etc/init.d didn’t reveal an obvious replacement. (and yes I did verify lighttpd was active).

But I’m a beginner with Openhab. I followed the Openhabian setup instructions here:

It refers to this forum for support so I was hoping to some insight in how Openhabian installed lighttpd. If I should have posted in a better place please do point me in the right direction.


Guess what. I’m an openHABian developer.

No it does not.
At least not by intention. There’s no reference to it in the code that I’m aware of. It might be a side effect of other packages to get installed, but that’s the first time I hear about that software.
It also is not the server used in openHAB. The openHAB HTTP server is jetty, and gets installed as part of the openhab2 package(s).
You still did not mention neither OS nor HW nor the exact install method you use although requested and required to help.

openHABian can be installed on other non RaspBerryPi Debian/Ubuntu setups.

Quote from doc

is restricted to Debian/Ubuntu based systems

Hence, it is not 100% clear that you are using an RaspBerryPI.

Lighttpd does not get mentioned once in the openHABian GitHub repository, and as @mstormi stated, openHAB uses jetty.

Wait! Could it be that grafana, node-red or frontail (or another extra) does require lighttpd?
Nah I just checked all 3 repos, Grafana only has an example config for lighttpd.

I just checked my openHABian setup and lighttpd is not installed.