Openhabian migration between openhabian version and in the same time from Rpi 2 to Rpi 4

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Finally I bought Rpi 4 and during weekend I plan migrate my openhab installation to this new device.
Currently I have following situation:
Raspberry Pi 2 Model B rev 1.1.
Openhabian with Openhab 2.5.1-2, I do not know what version of openhab I have but it display during login : “Openhabian 7.05.170509”
I use many device e.g Xiaomi, Z-Wave, MCP MCP23017 and InfluxDB with Grafana.

I would like to migrate to:
Raspberry 4 with 4GB and Openhabian 1.6

My question is how to make it properly. I can install everything from zero, first openhabian and after add new devices but it will take a lot of time. Second scenario that I think about is to use backup/restore functionality but probably I should start with openhabian with openhab 2.5.1 (question which version of openhabian use 2.5.1 ?) and use backup/ restore and after upgrade to new openhabian.
What is best /recommend way to migrate?

Michał Szymański

Install from scratch (use the image) then backup openHAB config and restore to the new box.
If things go wrong you can revert to your old system.